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Dell Customer Support Number : Fix Dell Error Code 123

Dell is one of the most popular and organized PC brands, which makes both desktops and laptops. However, users are very satisfied with their experience of the Dell laptops, but they might encounter some issues while working with the device. One of the most common problems users face is ‘Dell error code 1 2 3’ which means when your Dell laptop has three light labels on the front panel ‘1,’ ‘2,’ and ‘3,’ you won’t be able to boot the system. Not only this, you will not be able to get to the BIOS, and hence you won’t get to the front panel. This error is basically caused due to the power supply issue of the power button, hard disk issue, battery issue, or motherboard issue, etc. In this article, you are provided with the steps you can use to fix Dell error code 1 2 3, you just have to follow these steps, and your problem will be resolved soon. You can also get in touch dell customer support to seek guidance from the experts who provide you with the best possible solution in no time.

Steps to resolve Error Code 1 2 3 Optiplex diagnostic lights are:

❖     Power supply button issue

-         Check if the power supply is providing the proper voltage/ wattage cold. Try replacing the power supply and see if the issue still persists.

❖     Start the Dell Diagnostics from your hard drive

-         Restart your system and press F12 key immediately when the Dell logo appears

-         Wait until you see Microsoft Windows desktop and then shut your computer down

-         When you see the boot device list, you need to highlight “Boot to Utility Partition” and then tap ‘Enter’ key.

-         Select the test you want to run once you see the “Main menu.”

❖     Start the Dell Diagnostics from the drivers and utility Disc

-         You need to insert the drivers and Utility disc

-         You will have to shut down your computer and start it again

-         When you see the Dell logo, you need to press ‘F12’ as soon as possible

-         Wait until you see the Windows desktop. If it still persists, shut down your system and try again after restarting it.

-         Highlight “Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive” once you see the boot device list, now you will have to click on ‘Enter.’


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-         Choose the ‘Boot from CD-ROM’ option from the menu which appears and proceed

-         Select ‘Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostic’ from the numbered list. If you see that multiple versions are listed, you need to identify and select the version which is appropriate for your computer.

-         Select the test you want to run when Dell Diagnostics ‘main menu’ appears.

❖     Check the RAM configuration

-         This error code often occurs when the RAM setup is not done properly

-         Check your RAM settings and make sure it is compatible with your system

-         Restart the Dell laptop and start working again

These are the few steps which you could follow to solve the error code 123. If the error still persists, the best way to resolve the problem is to contact dell tech support number and speak to the experts regarding the issue.


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