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Dell Laptops provide the users with high-quality features like superior performance and ultimate components; this makes Dell laptops an extremely reliable device. There is a time when Dell laptops encounter technical problems. Among several issues that the users face, error code 2000-0131 is a common issue. This issue takes place when the user is unable to turn on the device. There are several reasons because of which the user might face this problem. Some of the reasons for this issue can be a BIOS issue, optical drive malfunctioning, power source problem, etc. If being a Dell user, you come across this error code; there is nothing much that you would have to worry. The users always have to option of connecting with Dell Customer Care Phone Number for seeking more assistance. The user can also go through the blog to find proper steps which they can take up to solve this issue.

Footsteps needed to be taken to solve Error Code 2000-0131

Step 1: Make sure you install the battery properly                  

It is suggested that the user power down the system and then try to reset the battery. You would have to power off the Dell Laptop, remove the battery and then reinstall the battery. You should also check for any debris or damage with the contacts of the battery.

Step 2: Reiteration of PSA Diagnostics

If after undertaking the first step, you still receive the same error code then you must understand that there is some issue with the battery of your device. You can also check whether your battery is under the warranty period. It would be ideal that you repeat the PSA diagnostics a few times.

Step 3: Try and use the ePSA online tool

If after multiple diagnostics you still encounter the same error code, then it would be ideal for you to visit the ePSA online tool. You can then get more information regarding the issue that you are facing, and you can even get a part dispatched if needed.


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Step 4: Reboot your Dell Laptop

The users can follow the given steps to load the BIOS.

  • When you receive the Dell logo use the F2 function key to enter the setup screen.
  • Once on the system screen, click the F9 key.
  • Now you have to press the ‘Enter’ key on the ‘Load Optimized Defaults’ option.
  • Once you have completed this, restart the Dell Laptop.

If you are unable to solve the issue using the steps that have been given above, then the next best option that you would have is to connect with the 800 Number for dell support. This service is available 24x7, and the professionals at this customer service would provide you with all the efficient solutions to solve this issue. They ensure that the customers who connect with they are provided with prompt replies and solutions.

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